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멀티미디어기술연구소 DLS세미나(2005/11/28) Grid Technology, Where are we going?  

멀티미디어기술연구소에서 주관하는 DLS세미나 안내입니다.

- 행사명   Grid Technology, Where are we going?
- 연자명   Dr. Mitsuhiro Kishimoto
- 소 속    
- 개최일   2005/11/28
- 장 소  경희대 전자정보관 223호
- 주최 및 주관  경희대 멀티미디어기술연구소 / 후원: 컴퓨터공학 전공

많은관심과 참여 부탁드립니다.
문의 : 멀티미디어기술연구소 031-201-2987,

Grid computing is increasingly being viewed as the next phase of distributed computing. Built on pervasive Internet standards, grid computing enables organizations to share computing and information resources across department and organizational boundaries in a secure, highly efficient manner.

Grid computing originates in eScience and its early development was driven to a large extent by the requirements of large-scale computing and efficient sharing of huge datasets. eBusiness requirements led to the adoption of emerging Web Services technologies?initially developed
for distributed business application integration. Therefore grid computing can be applied to enterprise computing within and across organizations and pave the way for utility computing. Since interoperability is the key for future generation Grid system, standard-based interfaces and protocols should be embraced.

I will present Open Grid Services Architecture (OGSA), GGF?s flagship architecture and the blueprint for standard-based grid computing and an overview of the Japanese Business Grid Project as an example of an OGSA based grid system. Based on the ongoing OGSA standards development, I will make a projection of mid-term and long-term goals of standard-based
future grid technology.

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