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멀티미디어기술연구소 DLS세미나(2005/04/21) Middleware for intelligent distributed processing for ubiquitous computing environment  

멀티미디어기술연구소에서 주관하는 DLS세미나 안내입니다.
- 행사명   Middleware for intelligent distributed processing for ubiquitous computing environment
- 연자명   윤희용 교수
- 소 속   성균관대학교
- 개최일   2005/04/21
- 장 소  경희대 전자정보관 505호
- 주최 및 주관  경희대 멀티미디어기술연구소 / 후원: 컴퓨터공학 전공

많은관심과 참여 부탁드립니다.
문의 : 멀티미디어기술연구소 031-201-2987,

Ubiquitous computing and networking environment consists of numerous devices of various hardware and software structures, operating systems, and networks which  span very wide technology spectrum. For a system to be able to properly and efficiently operate in such complicated environment, agent platform technology allowing seamless services independent from various hardware/software resources and middleware providing interoperability and transparency among heterogeneous systems are needed to be developed. Also, integrated agent system is important, that effectively supports reconfigurability, reusability, and adaptability of the entire system including application services. The middleware for ubiquitous computing which will be running on top of various kinds of operating system platforms needs to be flexible for allowing easy addition and modification of the devices and services by employing component-based software architecture. In this talk a middleware system satisfying the requirements above is introduced which mainly consists of intelligent agent platform, service discovery engine, and autonomic distributed reconfiguration and adaptation engine. Other relevant issues are also discussed.

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